Azka is an Arabic word meaning “pure” & “clean”. We are a husband & wife team on our quest to living a pure and healthy life in our home free from any dietary & environmental toxins. Our journey to “pure living” began when we both had our own set of health related challenges becoming only more stringent to what we are exposed to as a family when our son arrived in our lives two years ago. We wouldn’t be exaggerating in saying that we were shocked to discover how everything we consume is slowly poisoning us! Now we make a strong effort in eliminating these toxins from our food and our household environment and have noticed a remarkable difference in our health and well being. Since then we have been on a mission to spread this new-found awareness among our families, friends and everyone that we come in touch with for that matter. Come join us on this journey as we discover for ourselves and you how to live a life of purity filled with positive energy and happiness!

Why Miessence

Are you looking for toxic free living solution to take care of yourself, family and home being mindful of the planet we live in? Have you ever wondered how your daily lifestyle choices affect yourself and everything around you? Do you ever worry about the state you will be leaving this planet to your offspring and the coming generations?

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