My Story

Who Am I
My name is Aleeza. I am wife to the most wonderful man who has been my rock and the wind beneath my wings :). I am a dentist but for sometime have chosen to stay at home with our very high needs, active and inquisitive little toddler. We live in Perth, Australia.
I have wide and varied interests. I like to read and occasionally write and hope to have a book one day:). I love gardening and like to be outdoors in the nature. I hate to see how we our constantly thrashing our beautiful planet by our consumerism. I am slowly adapting to minimalism and wouldn’t mind being called a conscious consumer;).Health and nutrition are largely becoming my passions and I am always looking for ways to reduce toxic load in our home. When I return to practicing, I want to practice a more “green” and holistic way of dentistry.

How it all began?
Almost two years ago I found myself dangerously depressed. I had been blessed with everything that I could have ever wished for yet I found it so hard to carry on with daily life. Around the same time I developed an awful rash/allergy on my hands which would spread on itching and sometimes also bleed. A friend introduced me to the wonderful thing called super foods and “clean” way of eating. Few weeks into going without processed and sugar laden foods, I felt more fresh and energetic! Amazingly my allergy also disappeared but has left my once pretty hands looking shriveled (a good reminder to mind my eating ways).

My skin has cleared up and acne is gone, my hair definitely has a better texture, most of all the digestive issues (including IBS) that I had been struggling with since my late teens have all gone! Just by making healthy lifestyle choices. Now me and my family only use certified organic and all natural products.
I have switched all my household cleaning products with this. It is more economical, smells great and most of all I have the peace of mind and don’t have to worry about my child swallowing it and not having hundreds of chemicals lying around in my home. That also means more cupboard space :D.

We love using the Miessence super foods. Which means me and my family can get all the goodness of 39 raw, certified organic vegetables, greens and fruits, 13 super strains of organic probiotic bacteria, 3 different kinds of ultra pure blue green algae and 5 different kinds of grass juices just in one teaspoon! How awesome is that!
Where I felt frustrated and powerless at for not knowing and finding better options for myself and family, I now feel empowered for gaining all the education and insight.
This is all the reason I have decided to do what I do. This is all what Azka living is going to be all about. Over here you will find loads of information, suggestions for living a toxin free living, some awesome recipes and loads of help determining the right products for you (remember that I am just a message away 🙂 ).