Miessence 101 Facebook Party!

3 reasons to ditch the chemicals and go Organic!
August 13, 2016
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downloadI invite you all to come and learn about Miessence, the company I have been raving about endlessly. See what it’s all about 😉

A little about Miessence:
Miessence is certified organic by the ACO and the USDA, 2 of the certifying bodies with the highest standards worldwide. That means that there are no synthetic fragrances, no artificial dyes or preservatives, no cancer-causing ingredients and no endocrine disruptors. Nothing but plants.

For the party, you don’t have to drive anywhere. All you need is a a phone or laptop and an internet connection :D.

The party will be live from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM Perth, Australia time.  I will present some information and highlight some products, but it will be open for several days following for you to scroll through and catch up if you aren’t available at exactly that time. That’s what’s nice about this format. It’s totally flexible!

There will be something for everyone! Plus by simply commenting and liking my updates means you go in the draw for the BIG SECRET PRIZE! Also answering a question correctly will also win you a BABY PRIZE!

If not, then just join me for an amazing learning experience!

Do you know someone who prefers to purchase organics? Or maybe you have a friend who is a tireless environmentalist? Any vegetarians or vegans in your life?

Please INVITE THEM to this event! Just click on ‘Invite’ and then ‘Choose Friends’..

Then RSVP Yes now to join in the fun for MIESSENCE 101!

Can’t wait!




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