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May 9, 2016
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Are you looking for toxic free living solution to take care of yourself, family and home being mindful of the planet we live in?

Have you ever wondered how your daily lifestyle choices affect yourself and everything around you? Do you ever worry about the state you will be leaving this planet to your offspring and the coming generations?

Let me walk you through a few facts and stats:

  • Australians produce over 18 millions tonnes of waste every year. 18,000,000 tonnes!!! And 7 million tonnes of that waste is from the household sector alone.
  • About 1 in 9 people on the planet earth do not have access to enough food to lead a healthy active life.
  • Starvation remains the biggest killer in the world. Most people are not dying of disease but HUNGER!
  • Each and every second 310 Kg of toxic chemicals are released into our air, land, and water by industrial facilities around the world. That’s 10 million tonnes every year!
  • Human activities are causing extinction of 50-100 species everyday. That’s a 1000 times higher than the natural background rates!

That just doesn’t end there. Have you ever considered that your very own makeup bag, bathroom or your home could be a mine field of chemicals??

  • Babies come into the world with more than 200 chemicals already running through their blood vessels! The very umbilical cords made to nourish the baby actually pass on those toxins.
  • 1/3 of all products on the market contain one or more ingredients classified as possible human carcinogens (cancer causing substances).26seconds
  • According to latest stats, 1 in 3 men and 1 in 4 women in Australia will be diagnosed with cancer before age 75. The worldwide stats are no different. AND the situation is getting worse.
  • 90% of most skin cosmetics HAVE NOT BEEN TESTED to see if they are safe!

Have you seen this awesome video? In 8 short minutes it takes you through the how’s, what’s and if’s of cosmetic industry. I highly recommend you watch it.

I have felt angry, sad and overwhelmed at having found such dangerous toxins in every day use products. Not to mention helpless at times at not knowing what to do.


I am here to save you that pain by providing you with the information, solutions and recommendations for a healthy, pure and toxin free living.

So what can you do????

You can make choices to ultimately create healthy and safe environment at home for yourself and family and in return actually help the planet too! All you need to do is take action.

The change starts here!
MiEssence+leaf SPOT

A couple of months ago I had this amazing accidental finding called Miessence. Miessence is an organic MLM company based in Australia. It has been around for ten years and is the WORLD’S FIRST company ever to offer CERTIFIED ORGANIC products ranging from skin care, hair care, body care,cosmetics, health care and even home care products. You don’t have to worry about ANY synthetic chemicals in their products as all of the products have been certified to the highest food grade standards. Which means……

YES you can literally EAT them! 😀

good to eat

I remember logging onto their website the first time and see that they had this HUUUUUGE range of products all CERTIFIED organic and absolutely toxin free. It was like a dream come true! They say:


Why I found Miessence to be the BEST company out there??

Because it IS the best 😉 :D.

Let me start by telling you the reasons that made me fall in love with Miessence and why I decided to join this incredible company:

  • Their absolute transparency in EVERYTHING. From the ingredients used to ways of their working. I was absolutely amazed at how clearly they list of all the ingredients used in their products on their website.
  • The company is mission oriented. Mission to make the planet a better place. Something I had never seen in a company before. They actually do put the planet and their customer’s well being before profits and that’s something that speaks ALOT for what this company actually stands for.
  • They don’t use glamorous, sparkling and glossy techniques to sell their products. The products speak for themselves. They ARE the purest and freshest products out there.
  • Their factories are run on renewable wind and solar power.
  • Carbon negative company. 1st company in the world to be 110% carbon negative.
  • Every dollar you spend goes towards planting more tress. This year Miessence has helped plant 6324 native trees in Australian forests by supporting Greenfleet, one of Australia’s most trusted environmental charities.

Why I QUIT all the other MLM companies?

I have had an on and off affair with a few MLM companies out there. I quit them all for different reasons. But what all of them had in common was this pressure to get to a certain level. It seemed like a rat race with this crazy hype about getting rich in x number of days. Most of all the face selling really turned me off.

I didn’t see that with Miessence at all. I had been using the products for a few months till I discovered the amazing opportunity they had and the change and the movement which I could be a part of.be the change

By joining this organic MLM Business you are:

  • Offering a true service to the society in the form of education, promoting well being by assisting people in leading a healthy toxin free life.
  • Contributing to:

    > better health

    > organc farming

    > ethical practices

  • Avail the best possible organic certified products for yourself, home and family.
  • Making a time rich lifestyle with abundant income giving you the freedom and flexibility to do whatever you want.
  • Becoming a part of blooming industry with immense opportunity for growth. In 2012 the global organic economic growth was worth US $ 91 Billion in sales and it’s increasing by 24% each year.
  • Be a part like minded supportive community.

Most of all you are becoming a part of this amazing change and making a difference!


Do you want to deny yourself, your family, friends and others you come across the right to live a safe healthier lifestyle????

As a species we are slowly and surely poisoning ourselves. Depending on our immune system and ability of our body to metabolize and eliminate toxins, it may take time for these toxins to show effect. 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years, but THERE IS AN EFFECT. When you learn about something, your natural impulse is to educate and protect your loved ones. Because it hurts to just be a bystander and watch them put dangerous chemicals on themselves everyday….

Want to know more about this company? Watch this video and be enlightened :).

The other best thing….They are what they claim to be! 🙂




If you are only interested in the beautiful and fresh products from Miessence then I certainly invite you to invest in your health. Click the image below and select ‘Join as Customer in Checkout’… then select ‘products’ and fill up your shopping cart with incredible Miessence goodness! SAVE UP TO 40% OFF depending on the size of your order. How awesome is that!? Click below NOW:


Also if you are buying off the shelves, I highly suggest you turn around the product and read labels. Don’t be fooled by green washing and only buy products which come with these logos:




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